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所有於圖片說明中附有 Creative Commons Creative Commons License 或 Public Domain Public Domain 標記的圖像,都採用了 Creative Commons licenses

版權屬於 <聖經共享> 的圖像

此類圖像下方標示著 © Bible for Everyone,為本網站所創作的圖像,版權屬於 <聖經共享>。它們的使用必需附合 CC BY-NC-SA 條款,意即它們可供免費下載及重用於網頁、PPT、印刷品等,但必須附合以下四項原則:

  • 圖像的運用必須符合聖經教導,並用於發展天國價值的事 (此為作者額外的要求,而非 Creative Commons 條款)
  • 圖像必須使用於非牟利及非商業用途
  • 於圖像附近註明原本出處,例如:<圖片來自 聖經共享 @ http://bibleeveryone.com/paul.php>
  • 轉載或重用圖像時,必需同樣使用 CC BY-NC-SA 原則來分享


此類圖像下方標示著不同的作者 (例:Wycliffe Russia @ Free Bible Images) 及圖像原本的 Creative Commons license 的相關標記。它們是於互聯網上共享的圖像,版權屬於原有人。總體來說,它們亦可供免費下載及重用於網頁、PPT、印刷品等,但請你務必按下它的 Creative Commons 標記,以了解及遵守相關的條款。


網站使用者不允許下載及重用其餘任何圖像 (即圖片說明中沒有 Creative Commons 標記的)。這些圖像的版權完全屬於原有人,本網站只是透過購買或其他合法途徑來獲得版權人允許作閱覽之用。

Copyright Info

We have used numerous graphics and photographs throughout the whole website. Users of this website are required to strictly follow our terms of use as follows:

Free Licensed Images

All images that have Creative Commons Creative Commons License or Public Domain Public Domain icons displayed in their captions follow Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

Images Owned by "Bible for Everyone"

Images marked with "© Bible for Everyone" in the captions are designed and developed by this website. Their copyright is owned by "Bible for Everyone", which grants the public permission to use these images under the CC BY-NC-SA terms. Users are free to download and/or reuse these images on other webpages, PPT, print matter, etc. if the following four rules are observed:

  • The use of the images must comply with Biblical teaching and Jesus's value (this is an added requirement imposed by the authors and not related to CC licenses)
  • Images are used for non-profit purposes
  • Cite the original source next to the image with a caption similar to this: <Image came from: Bible for Everyone @ http://bibleeveryone.com/paul.php>
  • Adaptations or reuse of the images must be shared under the same CC BY-NC-SA terms

Images Owned by Third Parties

Images with sources/author names/creators names written in the captions (e.g., Wycliffe Russia @ Free Bible Images) along with CC icons are freely shared images found from the Internet. Their copyright is retained by the original owners. In general, users are still free to download and/or reuse these images on other webpages, PPT, print matter, etc., but you have to click their CC icons to understand and comply with the actual CC terms.

Copyright Protected Images

Users are not allowed to download or reuse any other images that do not have CC icons in the captions. Those images are owned by respective copyright owners who permitted our use through a payment or other legal means.